Can Hearing Aids Damage Your Hearing?


This article reviews the question if a hearing aid can cause hearing loss. Some people with hearing loss go a further step in buying hearing aids; one may hear people who purchased the hearing aids have a hard time hearing when they get used to it.

The reason why it is hard to hear after trying hearing aids.

When one wears hearing aids, your hearing capabilities progress slowly. Without using a hearing aid, your ear was getting used to the smaller sounds, and it gradually perceived this as a regular thing. When you wear a hearing aid, your brain needs to adjust to the new way of hearing things by doing this. When you try to reverse back, not using the hearing aid, it cannot be easy.

Example of having a new normal

Taking an example of this, we will use the body temperature and it’s sensing. For instance, suppose one is on a beach, which is of higher temperature and moves back later indoors. In that case, his or her body will have some changes, and your body may experience some cold because the body is considered outside the beach. This is vice versa when you are outside in the cold, and you come inside the house. It will feel a bit warm. This is because the body considered out normal.

The new normal

From the above example, it reflects when one removes his or her hearing aid, one can experience a hard time hearing. This is because the ear adjusted itself to the new normal, which is using the hearing aid. This is the sole reason why myths come describing hearing aid causing hearing loss.

Can hearing aids cause hearing loss?

The answer to this question is that it cannot cause hearing loss, but if the hearing aids are programmed wrongly, it can cause and hear loss. Hearing loss is generally caused by exposing one ear to loud noises. The programming of your hearing aid is such a vital thing and crucial; when the hearing aid is programmed to make noises larger, it can impair your hearing and lead to hearing loss.

Do hearing aid slow hearing loss?

Hearing aids are the right products because they help one from having a hearing loss. They slow it down. The hearing aid provides stimulation to the nerves; this makes it a bit longer to have a hearing loss. When one delays the use of hearing aids, it can lead to hearing loss.

Use of hearing aids

Hearing aids give your ear better hearing of sounds as it amplifiers sound you will struggle to hear. When using the hearing aids, one will receive the sounds like others and remain that way under your hearing loss condition.

Temporary Threshold Shift

This is a temporary change in the hearing; many people experience this after exposure to loud sounds. If the TTS occurs in an extended period, it can cause permanent loss of hearing.

Effects of Hearing Aids on people with impaired hearing

When these people are fitted with hearing aids, it can cause loud sounds and generally lead to a temporary threshold shift.

The NAL-NL1 prescription

It is the safest among all prescription of hearing aid, which was made available. Due to technology, the hearing aid has been made using compression circuits, which increases the protection to a higher level of input. Although the prescription is right, it can lead to a temporary worsening of hearing.

Usage of hearing aid

Using a hearing regularly at a higher volume increases the chances of having a temporary threshold shift. But one good thing about it is that it can heal overnight. When the change is recognized earlier, the solution will be taken to prevent it from permanent damage.

Effects on children

Children exposed to more massive noises when they are doing their practical work get exposed to greater risk. They are supposed to use their ear protection to save them from having hearing problems.

Hearing aid Fittings

Hearing aid improves ear comfort; when one has a hearing loss, they are encouraged to wear a hearing aid. If one gets a hearing aid that does not fit well, it will lead to ear discomfort. Audiologist takes much consideration to make sure that the device includes the contours of your ears.

Getting a Hearing aid fitting

The myth about hearing aid causes hearing loss makes sense, but it is not relatively accurate because there is no evidence supporting it. The hearing aid design would improve sound quality, but nowadays, people get into trouble by ordering hearing aid without consulting an audiologist.

Importance of hearing aids

Hearing aids have a more significant advantage because it amplifies softer sounds and does not strengthen them so much. On the other part, it reduces louder noise so that it cannot affect your hearing capabilities.

Tricks on the use of hearing aid

When one is in a place with a more massive noise, they are advised to remove the hearing aid instead of putting on a hearing protector. In a quiet area, you may use the hearing aid all the time because it cannot affect your hearing aid.

When one has a hearing loss

If one has these problems, he or she should do the following.

● Keep the volume down when using headphones.
● Use protective ear muffs when in loud noise.
● Ask your doctor for a hearing check-up.


A hearing aid does not cause hearing loss from the above explanations, and it is only perceived as a myth.